Stealth Storage

Stealth Storage features seamless integration into the Windows system. It mounts a virtual disk, and intercepts all virtual disk operations.

Stealth Storage will encrypt data before writing, and decrypt it after reading from disk. So, all your provate data is never stored unencrypted.

Compare this to our competitors' software: they require to save your private data to hard disk unencrypted, and then encrypt it. Old file is removed then. Are you aware hackers can use special software (Norton Disk Doctor, for example) to restore erased files?!

Stealth Storage screenshot


Be careful

Most hackings are internal. People think that hackers are strange guys from another country who access you through the Internet. Usually the hacker is someone who can physically access your PC!

What is it worth to hide and protect your files?. Stop being open to injury. The time to protect your files and information is before you are violated, not after. How would you feel if bad people destroyed, looked at, or stole your most sensitive private information? What are your peace of mind and your time worth?

Download and install

System requirements: Windows 2000 or Windows XP

Download link: stealth-storage.exe (443 kBytes) version 1.2

Buy Stealth Storage and save your money

There are many commercial programs that cost a lot of money. You do not need them any more if you install and use Stealth Storage. A few examples:
Download and Order Steath Storage.


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